Dynamic Number Insertion

What is dynamic number insertion?

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a form of call tracking advertisers use to analyze the effectiveness of individual marketing campaigns.  

Other capabilities of more advanced DNI implementations include support for multiple phone numbers. A DNI service must off the types of business phone numbers you use. 

For instance, local numbers are important for local services like home maintenance or healthcare. Companies with multiple franchises in different locations should use local phone numbers for each branch. 

Toll-free numbers ensure your clients won’t have to pay to call you, lowering frustration and improving the customer experience. A subset of toll-free numbers are vanity numbers, which spell out words related to your business to make them easier to remember. 

And you can take advantage of numbering porting so you can make use of your current business lines while still changing carriers. 

Customers today might find your business through a newspaper ad, conduct a Google search to learn more, consult your social media links, and interact with your landing pages before finally making a call. 

A powerful dynamic number insertion system should track all activities throughout this omnichannel customer journey. 

Why should you care about dynamic number insertion? 

Each advertisement contains its own specific phone number and studying the number of incoming calls each number receives from interested buyers sheds light on which advertisements have been most effective. 

For example, the same business or marketing agency might put a different phone number on a billboard advertisement than a newspaper print ad. If the newspaper’s number receives more calls, then the company knows its print advertisement has been more impactful. 

DNI works with almost any marketing channel where phone numbers are available, such as: 

  • Physical and print advertisements 
  • Pay-per-click ads 
  • SEO campaigns 
  • Email advertising 
  • Landing pages 
  • Social media posts 
  • Influencer and affiliate marketing 

Additional information you can gather through DNI, which can be useful to sales agents and marketing teams, are: 

  • The caller’s name and location 
  • The tracking number the caller used 
  • Whether the caller has interacted with your business before 
  • The length and result of those past interactions 

DNI also helps with call scoring, a call center practice of analyzing the performance of customer interactions. 

Dynamic number insertion is a popular way to gather marketing metrics, such as conversion rates and return on investment. Companies can determine which channels are delivering the best results and what prospective buyers are the most attractive leads. 

DNI functions similarly to how tracking cookies monitor individual users on a website. One way to distribute DNI numbers is through a JavaScript code on your website, which dynamically adds a different phone number to the web page for each visitor. However, dynamic number insertion also works with or without an Internet connection. 

Many businesses rely on DNI to contribute to ensure efficient marketing spend. Here are a few ways this is accomplished: 

  • Market research: Learn more about your clients to tailor your marketing strategy towards their needs and concerns. DNI tells you what types of content your target demographic engages with the most, enabling a personalized approach to advertising. 
  • Optimized ads spend: Divert more of your funds and resources into the marketing channels capable of attracting the most callers. 
  • Better content: Start focusing on the types of content which can generate the best ROI. For instance, if DNI indicates your case studies web page is a common touchpoint for callers, then focus on this type of content. 

Are you wondering if DNI can scale for your business? Smaller organizations with fewer marketing channels benefit from even a basic implementation of DNI. However, companies with a large number of lead sources must allocate a large number of phone numbers accordingly. 

To improve scalability, these businesses use communication APIs to provision and configure numbers quickly and receive the data they generate into usable dashboards. They can also recycle phone numbers to keep telephony usage at a minimum. 

What are the benefits of Dynamic Number Insertion? 

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) enhances digital marketing by dynamically assigning unique phone numbers to website visitors, enabling businesses to track and analyze the source of inbound calls. This invaluable tool lets you optimizes marketing strategies, provides insights into the effectiveness of online campaigns and allows for data-driven decisions to enhance customer engagement and maximize ROI. DNI is essential for businesses seeking to connect online efforts and offline conversions, ensuring a holistic understanding of customer interactions across various channels. 

How does Sinch work with Dynamic Number Insertion? 

Regardless of how you decide to market your products and services — it’s important for DNI to support multiple phone numbers, offer omnichannel tracking, and allow you to gather important caller details. 

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