Bulk SMS

What is bulk SMS messaging?

Bulk SMS refers to the sending of SMS messages to a large number of recipients via an API (like SMPP).  Typically, bulk SMS implies the company sending the messages is sending the same message to all recipients, even though it’s possible to add personalized elements.  


How does Sinch work with bulk SMS messaging? 

Our SMS API allows businesses to message millions of recipients around the globe at a time, with world-class service quality and message delivery.  Bulk SMS messaging can serve many use cases across all industries, including marketing campaigns, timely alerts and notifications, appointment or event reminders, surveys, and more.  


What are the benefits of using Sinch for bulk SMS messaging? 

Our powerful SMS API and robust network infrastructure helps businesses take customer communications to the next level and reach millions of mobile phones anywhere in the world at once, quickly, reliably, and at the best price - all while keeping it relevant and personalized.  

You can also enable two-way messaging to build deeper connections with your audience through real-time conversations. 

Oh, and did we mention that integration is a breeze? 

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