What is A2P SMS?

Application-to-Person SMS (A2P SMS) is a term used to describe an SMS message sent from a software application (run by an enterprise or business) to a person’s phone, as opposed to P2P SMS, where communication is initiated by a person. A2P SMS is also referred to as business SMS, professional SMS, or enterprise SMS.  

Receiving a text message with your account balance from your bank, a discount code from your favorite online store, or an appointment reminder from your doctor are examples of A2P SMS messages. A2P messages are being used increasingly for businesses to create new opportunities to engage, serve, and sell to their customers. 


How Sinch works with A2P SMS 

Sinch provides fast and high-quality A2P SMS messaging, allowing businesses to reach any mobile phone on the planet in seconds or less.  

There are different ways you can send A2P SMS messages with Sinch: 10DLC (10 Digit Long Codes), toll-free numbers (TFN), Virtual Long Numbers, or Short Codes. 


What are the benefits of using Sinch's A2P SMS? 

Our tier-1 super network, carrier-grade platform, and 600+ direct carrier connections ensure your messages will always get delivered quickly and reliably.  

With our simple SMS API and premium support, integration is a breeze – we'll have you get started in no time!  

And whenever you’re ready to expand your SMS messaging strategy globally, you can rely on our extensive local and international knowledge to help you scale up smoothly and effortlessly. 

From personalized offers and invites to timely reminders and notifications, A2P SMS helps businesses elevate their customer journeys through a channel their customers already use, in a relevant and personalized way.

Sounds interesting? Talk to an expert to find out more or start a free trial!

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