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Two billion reasons to use WhatsApp for your business

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The WhatsApp Business API scales to your communication needs

In the world of global communications, where every person on the planet is seemingly just a text or a DM away, scale is everything. That's why the recent news about WhatsApp surpassing the 2 billion global user mark is such a big deal.

Services like WhatsApp combine the immediacy of messaging with rich content such as images, video, maps, and more. It's vital to understand how your customers are using WhatsApp, and how your business should too.

Millions of businesses are already using WhatsApp and other rich communications services to send appointment reminders, order confirmations, special offers, shipment tracking, product recommendations, feedback surveys, outage alerts, and resources people can rely upon during emergencies.

Because WhatsApp is privacy-centric and ad-free, it offers greater security, freedom from unsolicited messages, and higher levels of trust. In addition to real-time read receipts and rich media capabilities, WhatsApp business account communications are tied to branded business profiles instead of random strings of numbers, allowing customers to know exactly whom they’re communicating with. This allows brands to have a much stronger presence and boost their conversion rates. In fact, major mobile network operators report double-digit reductions in churn after deploying rich communications services, due to the more intimate real-time nature of each conversation.

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, Sinch’s WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to connect with their customers in a simple, secure, scalable and reliable way. This communication channel helps organizations minimize friction, automate customer experiences, and integrate these conversations directly into the customer journey. Juniper Research forecasts that spending on CPaaS companies like Sinch will grow to nearly $7 billion by 2022.

It's the next stage in the evolution of customer service. Organizations that underestimate the potential benefits that rich messaging apps like WhatsApp can bring to their business will risk leaving behind a major opportunity. It's time to pay attention to next-generation mobile messaging channels as the way your business interacts with customers and the public — and turn your focus to mobile real-time communications. Sinch’s WhatsApp Business API is a great way to get started.