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Symsoft takes the stage at this year’s Troopers security conference

Fraud and security
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Troopers is one of Europe’s most prestigious security conferences and at this year’s event we will present our latest research into a new class of SS7 attacks threatening the security of telecoms networks. This type of attack allows the attacker to potentially take full control over a network element.

Recently the vulnerabilities of signalling networks have gained attention from both researchers and mobile networks. As a thought leader on the topic, we have been spearheading the quest to help secure mobile networks. Our involvement in this area has twice been awarded with an honourable mention in the GSMA Hall of Fame for contributions to help secure the mobile industry.

Last September we published a whitepaper on the topic of signalling security detailing both known and as yet unexplored attack surfaces. Since then we have been able to verify that the new risks of remote code execution over SS7 highlighted in the whitepaper were in fact real. We have already presented our results to the GSMA via the Coordinated Disclosure Program and the submitted research has been accepted by the Association. We’re proud to announce we will be sharing these findings with industry security professionals at the Troopers security conference.

Troopers18 takes place 12th-16th March in Heidelberg, Germany and Software and Systems Security Advisor at Symsoft, Fredrik Söderlund will be presenting our research.

We followed up the presentation at Troopers18 with a webinar to share our findings with a wider audience. Held on 11th April 2018, Symsoft Software and Systems Security Advisor Fredrik Söderlund presented and covered key topics including malformed packets. 

Originally posted on www.symsoft.com, find out more about Symsoft’s rebrand to Sinch in the press release here.