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How can I protect my network?


Mobile networks are exposed; under attack, insecure or even broken. We hear it in the media, through reports and at industry conferences. But, really, how bad is it? In this paper, we explore the motivations behind attacks and how they impact the industry as a whole and what countermeasures can be taken to help protect and future-proof legacy networks. Download the whitepaper now!

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Why you need to read this whitepaper...

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    Signaling networks are vulnerable

    It's widely accepted that signaling networks are being exploited on a global scale. This is affecting both operators and individual subscribers. If networks are left without adequate protection, MNOs are jeopardizing their reputation and consumer trust in their brand
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    Subscribers are at risk

    A smartphone user may be targeted in a number of ways through technologies offered by their device, including financial fraud, identity theft, their device may be incorporated into a botnet, or may even be remotely monitored and their private data continuously exfiltrated
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    What is being done to counter these threats

    Many operators have already started exploring the available solutions on the market and started the deployment of sophisticated and stateful firewalls. It can be argued, that an MNO has a choice of three classes of signaling security countermeasures available today
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    The future and what it holds

    Fraud exists in virtually every industry, but despite SS7 being seen as flawed in terms of security, the networks continue to run and are doing so very well. We still have time to meet the signaling security challenges, and build a layer of protection into our legacy networks
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