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Personalized messaging – what you need to know

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Consumers have high expectations from brands they do business with. This is even more true when it comes to engaging on mobile. Consumers are demanding the mobile connection to be personalized and relevant to their tastes and interests. Sadly, most brands don’t meet this expectation. And in today’s hyper competitive market, that just doesn’t cut it.  

Way more intimate then email, voice or traditional desktop interactions, mobile messaging remains the preferred way consumers want to interact with friends and family – and their favorite brands. Taking it to the next level by personalizing mobile messages can ensure you maximize this connection with consumers and impact your bottom line.  

What is Personalized Messaging?  

Personalized Messaging enables you to make meaningful connections with consumers on their most personal of devices, their mobile phone. It’s always with them, it’s frequently checked, and it’s the center of their communications world.   

To address this growing demand from consumers, CLX is the only mobile solution provider today to offer a fully personalized, two-way mobile messaging platform. Personalized Messaging offers you the unique capability to deliver dynamic and personal video, audio, text and images directly into the hands of those who crave it most. It is a powerful engagement tool that speaks to your customers on a 1:1 basis, connecting with them in ways that ensure message relevance and personalization to help strengthen each relationship. From new product introductions, to special offers and coupons, to onboarding experiences, demos, calendar invites, bill payments and more – you can tailor each message to suit each one of your customers.  

The Benefits of Personalized Messaging  

The benefits of personalizing messages for enterprises are enormous. You’ll get higher conversions, see dramatic improvements in churn, and establish deeper and stronger connections with your customers.  

Our Personalized Messaging Platform supports the full range of communication formats from 160 characters of text to video, images and coupons. Using sights and sounds to interact with your customers takes your communications to the next level. You can send videos, animated GIFs, mobile flyers, and more to grab attention and response from your customers within seconds.  

Get in Touch  

If you’re attending Mobile World Congress Americas, please stop by the CLX stand (West Hall – W.812) for a live demo of Personalized Messaging. We’d love to chat more about it and help you get started today.