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Personalized Messaging

Engaging a segment of one

Connecting with consumers on their most personal device demands personalized content.

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  • Reduce churn

    Strengthening your customer relationships through the maximum reach & engagement offered by mobile personalized messaging is further amplified when you speak to that customer 1:1 to address their individual needs and pain points. The combination of messaging & personalization has proven to reduce churn in excess of 20%.

  • Increase revenue

    One-size-fit-all offers simply don’t work on mass audiences - your consumers will respond better to individualized offers directly addressing their unique desires and needs. Communicating to a segment of one ensures you are maximizing return. Drive 30-60% improvement in conversion to sale over email or SMS.

  • Improved brand experience

    Personalize a video for your audience and enjoy the opportunity to dramatically transform the customer journey and improve how consumers relate to your brand.

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Deeper Insights

Check out our latest guides, reports and ebooks for a new take on creating engaging communications.

A copy of the Sinch eBook: Messaging and personalization - Transitioning from loyalty to relevance

Make it personal!

Take a dive into personalization with us as we look at insights, use cases and market stats that show the age of personalized messaging is upon us!

First published Jun 2019
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Getting started with personalized video messaging

Consumers no longer respond to sales communication in isolation, they want personalized, two-way communication - find out how to get started with Sinch!
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The revolution in customer communications is here

Michael Ahern, Sinch VP Customer Development & Strategy, spoke at this year's Enterprise Connect about Personalized Mobile Video Messaging.
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Strengthening customer relationships through mobile engagement

We teamed up with MEF on our latest webinar, watch the recording to get in on the fireside chat between Matt Ramerman and Tim Green, as they discuss everything Personalized Messaging.
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The universal application of personalized messaging

“Dynamic, personalized messaging has universal application for any enterprise currently using messaging as a channel for engagement, ” says Matt Ramerman, CEO & Co-Founder at Vehicle, a Sinch company in a recent interview with MarTech.
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Personalized Messaging – what you need to know

Consumers have high expectations from brands they do business with. This is even more true when it comes to engaging on mobile. Consumers are demanding the mobile connection to be personalized and relevant to their tastes and interests.