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New tutorial: Building a simple SMS notification system with Sinch

A black and white image of a chicane on a race track
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We've got a new tutorial for you!

Our resident petrol head Christian Jensen has been on a steep learning curve, hanging out at racetracks and coming up with a really cool way to use SMS to manage signups and help smooth the myriad logistics involved in racing quarter midgets.  

The PA system that was being used to relay messages at the Western Grands race track wasn't cutting it anymore - people couldn't hear important announcements and information just wasn't being received quickly enough. Christian came to the rescue armed with his coding skills and the Sinch SDK - the results are now available for everyone to try in our new tutorial.  

Not only does this cool new SMS based announcement system keep stewards and marshalls up to date throughout the race by passing on vital information, it also helps drivers and cars get to their race on time which, let's face it, is really quite important if you want to stand any chance of winning!  

Check out the full tutorial on how to build a simple SMS notification system here.