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New developer site live!

Company Update · 16/10/2019 · 1 min read

by Sinch

With the launch of our WhatsApp API we felt it was a good time to release our new documentation site. The old documentation site just wasn’t capable of providing the service you deserve, it was time for a refresh.

The first release of our new documentation pages brings better search results, re-organised content to help you find what you need more quickly, and design changes to ensure the content is quick and easy to read.

On the backend, we’ll be able to publish content more smoothly thanks to fewer steps in the process and you’ll be able to give us feedback on the documentation we’ve created. We’ll also be able to prepare for some new features such as swagger / OAS API.

Along with the refresh, we decided to open-source our documentation efforts on GitHub so that you can have it locally and create pull requests if you wish. The main driver for this is to enable us to plan in the open by starting to expose future documentation to you.

We hope that you like the changes! We would love to hear your feedback – you can reach @cjsinch on twitter or with any comments or suggestions.