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Build your global presence with international phone numbers

Global Expansion
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Build your global presence with international phone numbers 

Find out how deeper country coverage supports your business growth 

Enterprises and service providers planning to expand into new countries face a myriad of challenges, including launching services in new markets, meeting regulatory requirements, and understanding tax laws. However, expanding communications services does not need to be another headache you face as your company grows. 

Our chief information officer, Brett Scorza, recently entered the “Hot Seat” with Isabelle Paradis of Hot Telecom. Watch the interview to learn more about our bold and compliant-first global strategy, plus how it will give you worldwide reach to successfully support your business needs and growth. 

By reading on, you’ll learn: 

  • Common use cases for global phone numbers and how they can support your business 

  • Why does international phone number compliance matter 

  • How Sinch’s market expansion supports your business growth 

Should Your Company Go Global?  

The advantages for any company to expand around the world are countless. Global phone numbers make it easy for businesses to build an international presence and provide key benefits such as, reaching new markets and customers, boosting brand credibility and reputation, diversifying into other areas, and supporting a distributed workforce. And thanks to advances in digital technology and logistics, global-scale operations are no longer strictly the domain of large businesses, small to mid-size organizations seizing the opportunity to operate on an international scale. 

So where does your business start when you want to establish a worldwide presence? It all begins with securing global phone numbers. Whether you’re an enterprise, a communications application provider, or a reseller, Sinch can help make your expansion strategy possible – our global phone numbers will play a pivotal role in making your growth a reality.  

Let’s talk about how your business can use Sinch global voice services to aid in the success of your multinational launch: 

Enterprise companies 

We make it a breeze for enterprises to establish an offshore satellite office or support remote employees outside the U.S. as you can easily obtain global phone numbers on demand from a single portal to support inbound and outbound calling with emergency services (where available). You can use our existing voice APIs to order and manage inventory, plus effortlessly port existing numbers to our service. Sinch global numbers are always compliance-first, so no need to worry about service interruptions. And we eliminate your need to manage multiple vendors and systems down to a single interface, not to mention you will receive one invoice, not many. 

CPaaS, UCaaS, contact centers, conferencing and call analytics/metrics providers  

Contact centers can use national local numbers to receive inbound calls in the country where their customers live, which improves the company’s brand as they appear more established and reputable. Global phone numbers enable call analytics/metric providers to extend their reach to new customers in different countries. Companies who provide conferencing and collaboration services can simplify cross-border communications by providing local call-in numbers for all countries where participants reside. UCaaS and CPaaS providers can expand their enterprise offerings which require local telephone numbers to multiple countries with a single API interface. 

Channel partners – resellers and sales agents targeting enterprise and mid-market companies 

Resellers such as managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs) only need to automate once through our rich API with supports both domestic and global voice services in many countries. Resellers or sales agent customers can enable pass-through automation via minimal coding to a single API, supporting inbound and outbound calling with local national telephone numbers in many countries. 

Our customers enjoy access to our omnichannel communications platform which ties together voice, messaging, video, email, and verification. We are your one-stop shop for all your communications services; don’t make your employees juggle half a dozen portals to get all the channels you need. A global presence allows companies to better serve customers and reach new ones.  

Additionally, securing global or international phone numbers allows you to create a global presence even if you’re not physically located in the target country. For example, you can give customers a local number to reach you, rather than a 1-800 or long distance number.  

We take a compliance-first approach to global expansion 

Sinch’s entry into a new country begins with an in-depth understanding of tax laws, regulatory and reporting requirements, data privacy laws, and number allocation policies. We take a hands-on approach to understand and deliver a fully compliant service which ensures service quality and sustainability.  

Our compliance-first approach ensures our services and global numbers are always available and in good standing. Sinch-owned numbers are allocated directly from the regulatory bodies, not from a third party, so you can have confidence you won’t lose your numbers. We design our global service offering around the requirements of each new country and your unique needs. 

Global services provide the top-tier quality you expect 

Through one connection, we give you global reach for current and future services — everything you need to create a transformative communication experience is now in one place. A secure reliable network foundation is key. Investing in strong networking interconnection and routing capabilities is critical to establishing a foundation for growth. Our hard-earned 99.999% uptime gives you confidence your services will be there when you need them. 

Our global services provide the same quality as our domestic solutions. In addition, we work carefully with local communication service providers to integrate our robust platform with their infrastructure. We’re also building three fully redundant data centers for greater worldwide uptime and reliability. These new data centers will be in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Singapore. Geo-redundancy is vital for communications services, so we’re expanding our physical infrastructure to provide exceptional global services.  

Global Expansion Map

Sinch will have coverage in 50 countries by year’s end 

As Sinch continues our worldwide expansion initiatives to provide unparalleled global voice services, we're excited to announce new coverage in Israel, Vietnam, Ecuador, and El Salvador. Global and toll-free numbers are available for inbound and 2-way calling plus emergency services (where available) in 25 countries including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.  

Further expansion up to a total of 50 countries is planned by the end of 2022. Points of presence (POPs) in Europe are in progress now as we enable direct numbering in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. By acquiring Sinch-owned numbers from in-country regulatory bodies and working closely with country-specific hosting partners, we will increase ease of ordering, simplify porting and ensure quality of service. 

Companies who wish to have global satellite offices, regional contact centers, and a physical presence in these new countries can expect the same level of service we’ve been providing in the United States for decades. We won’t sacrifice service quality for the sake of expansion — compliance and quality are the top priorities.  

Sinch’s global voice expansion provides companies with worldwide omnichannel communication capabilities, global phone numbers, and scalability with top-tier quality. Our industry-leading services with 99.999% uptime serve over 300 billion minutes and 122+ million domestic numbers.  

We’re excited to offer a more straightforward way to gain presence in new countries. Access to global phone numbers and toll-free numbers through our powerful customer portal makes it easy to order both domestic and global numbers — plus customers can provision on their existing trunks as well as utilize our regional connectivity.  

Are you ready to expand your global presence? 

We can help you with your global expansion and guarantee quality of service. Ask us for more information about our bold and complaint-first global strategy, and how it will give you worldwide reach and successfully support your business needs and growth.