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How to achieve a global presence with international numbers

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Global-scale operations were once exclusively the domain of large businesses. Small and mid-sized organizations were local or regional at best. This is no longer the case. 

We've lived in a global society for well over a decade, and COVID-19 has only further driven this reality home. Advances in logistics and digital technology have made it possible for virtually anyone to operate on an international scale. 

So, what options do companies have when it comes to achieving a strong global presence? The answer is simple: international or global phone numbers. 

International numbers make it easy for any company to create an established, international presence to boost brand credibility, reach, and support capabilities. Let's talk about why this strategy might be the right move for you, and the role global numbers play in making your move a reality. 

What are the benefits of operating globally? 

The most significant benefit of going global is fairly obvious since it massively expands your available customer base. In addition to improving both revenue and reputation, operating globally has the potential to also result in new lines of business. Diversification is another clear advantage of this approach. 

The more markets in which your company operates, the stabler your overall revenue. Let's say, for example, you operate in a city that's experienced a devastating natural disaster. If your business is entirely local, this could totally cripple you by cutting off your main source of income. 

On the other hand, if you have customers in other markets, the crisis, while still harmful and disruptive, may end up being ultimately survivable. 

If your business supports distributed work (and let's be honest, it should), globalizing also gives you access to a significantly larger hiring pool. You can bring in employees with unique knowledge, skill sets, and outlooks to both further innovation and enrich organizational culture. It's not just expanded talent to which you gain access to, but a global approach to doing business can also open the door for new partnerships and investment opportunities. 

Last but certainly not least, there's the matter of reputation. A business with a presence in every major market simply feels more established and more professional. In some sectors, this can be the difference between acquiring a new client or losing out to a competitor. 

Now that we've established the reasons for your business to have an international presence, let's talk about why global phone numbers are a crucial pillar in establishing a worldwide status. 

Why are international numbers a must for global businesses? 

It speaks to the enduring nature of the phone call that it's survived relatively unchanged for decades. Although the underlying technology has certainly evolved, at their core, voice calls today don’t vary much from voice calls thirty years ago. And they're still crucially important for connecting your business with customers. 

This holds just as true for international numbers as it does for local numbers. As for why you'd want to embrace the former, here are a few reasons: 

  • Customers outside your home market won't think about long distance fees or search for country codes to get in touch with your business. They can simply connect with you via a localized number, meaning existing customers are also more willing to call and resolve technical issues rather than simply canceling services. 
  • Some countries require companies to have their business adhere to local restrictions so they can do business there. Global phone numbers are as close as you can get to that without having to start opening satellite offices. 
  • If your company already maintains a presence in another region, pairing international numbers with a call center or similar solution allows you to significantly improve your business's customer service. 
  • As already mentioned, a global presence conveys professionalism. A customer who knows your business lets them call a local number even though it's headquartered in another country is likelier to view your brand as credible and trustworthy. 

Unfortunately, for all their benefits, global phone numbers come with another significant challenge. Trying to acquire them the old-fashioned way is, to be frank, an absolute nightmare. You're looking at countless hours negotiating with countless international service providers, at which point you'll have to juggle multiple contracts and bills. 

There's a better way with Sinch. 

Why is Sinch the right choice for your global phone numbers? 

Whether your business is looking for toll-free numbers, local numbers, or something else entirely, Sinch can help. Why should you partner with Sinch for your global phone numbers? 

  • We own and manage the network: We have our own network and numbers across the entirety of the United States, and we're currently in the process of expanding that same presence throughout Europe with the same level of quality, reliability, security, and compliance we provide for our domestic services. 
  • Access popular countries: We maintain numbers in more than 25 countries, ensuring our clients can easily establish themselves in some of the world's top markets. 
  • Turn-key service provider: As a comprehensive carrier, we also handle everything from VoIP to TDM. With us, you'll no longer need to worry about juggling a series of confusing, frustrating contracts and a collection of fragmented monthly bills. We'll serve as a liaison between your business and other vendors — meaning you only need to worry about a single contract and a single bill. 
  • We know the regulations: As a reputable provider, we've done our homework in terms of market regulations and requirements. While we aren't authorized to provide you with regulatory advice, we understand the regulatory hurdles present in each country and market. Because we take a methodical, strategic approach to deployment and provisioning, we also know how to navigate virtually any legislative climate. 
  • GDPR-compliant: We're also fully compliant with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation, something which meshes quite well into our overall approach to the protection of customer data. 
  • Industry-leading partnerships: Thanks to our partnership with Neustar, Sinch arms its customers with extensive fraud protection, with STIR/SHAKEN robocall mitigation to prevent spoofing and scam calls. 
  • Cost-effective scale: We use the same trunks for both domestic and international calls, allowing us to offer more capacity at a lower cost than virtually any other carrier. Many other carriers require separate trunks for each country or region. Not only is this highly inefficient, but it also results in unnecessary expenses which are then passed down to you. 

Get your international numbers with Sinch 

If you need 50 numbers or 50,000 numbers —whether you're looking to support your own business or re-sell and reassign those numbers through your sales agent, Sinch has you covered. 

Are you looking to expand your global presence? To redefine customer service in whatever international markets you do business within? We can help. 

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