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Adding to the marcom mix

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Key takeaways from our personalization 2.0 webinar

Our recent webinar: Personalization 2.0 – How to excel in mobile marketing in 2020 took a deep dive into how personalized mobile marketing can help you break through the noise and get your message heard, in this blog post we sum up the key findings of the webinar and take a look at how you can add some magic to your marcoms mix.

As a consumer marketing, CVM, CXM or CRM manager it’s likely you’re sending e-mails to your existing base, using digital ads and social media for acquisition and working with customer care to drive upsell from your call-center. Maybe you’re also buying TV spots. Probably, you’re frequently looking at engagement levels alongside content and channel impact. What’s the CTR? Did the latest campaign drive upsell? How can churn be minimized and calls to customer care centers reduced?

Sound familiar?

Truly personalized mobile marketing is now possible and it’s the answer you’re looking for. It’s time to arm yourself with the tools you need to leverage your hard work, reach your ambition and release your creativity. Let’s run through the 3 key components of making this happen!

1.    Messaging as a marketing channel

There’s a new channel in town – mobile messaging (SMS, MMS, RCS). Historically, this has been associated with one-time passwords and reminders for dentist appointments, but did you know you can also use it for marketing and communications?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “well yes, but putting e-mail content into a text message would be highly intrusive”. And yes, you’re probably right – when using messaging as a channel for marketing you need to tread carefully. It’s a highly personal space and should be respected as such. Looking at the stats though, the impact of using this channel in the right way yields impressive results.

Today, we send about 125 billion e-mails, every day. The CTR on these is typically very low – between 1-5% for “non-spam”. But it’s free so we continue to send them. Also, on a general basis, consumers seem to be relatively fine with being sent generic or semi-personalized emails - Hello Dave - to kick start the conversation.

For messaging, consumers are not as forgiving. However, given the impact - with close to 100% read rate (often within minutes) - it’s a channel that allows for more comprehensive investment in terms of targeting and content. It allows brands access to the consumer’s inner circle, where they communicate with friends and family. Consequently, this space needs to be treated with care. So, what’s the best way to do that?

2.    Truly personalized

Statistics show that we’re exposed to between 4000 – 10 000 marketing messages every day. This teaches us as consumers to ruthlessly filter out what’s irrelevant. This is also confirmed in our own research where we clearly see that consumers favor relevant content over generic. And a great way to make content relevant is by personalizing it.

At Sinch, we have through our mobile engagement agency - Sinch Engage, taken personalization to a whole new level. We can put your CRM data to work by connecting it to rich media content, including immersive video – rendering truly personalized brand experiences for millions of individual consumers. We then distribute that content through our omnichannel delivery engine as SMS, MMS, RCS, in-app push or as digital advertisement - however you prefer. Here’s an example of how that looks

3.    A rich media brand experience

When we talk about Rich Media, we often tend to think of video. While this is certainly highly effective, there are also other high impact options out there. Basically, we want to enhance the 160 characters of a traditional SMS and transform it into something much more impactful.

By combining our global supernetwork of messaging connectivity with our  personalization platform and creative team, we have the power to make your message stand out and deliver a rich and relevant brand experience to millions of people in an instant. This also includes adding coupons, QR-codes and 3rd party data to make it more useful, informative (and fun!).  

Getting started

It all sounds great, right? So how do you get started?

Typically we work with our clients around their customer journeys, extending existing programs with mobile marketing capability. This is done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Workshop to identify key moments in an existing program – or introduce new ones connected to business impact objectives – e.g. churn reduction, customer care optimization or upsell and customer acquisition.
  2. Develop rich media assets suitable to personalization. Either completely managed by us or together with your existing agency or in house team.
  3. Identify a suitable target group and conduct a pilot campaign.

After the pilot program has been delivered (provided you’re happy with the results of course) – we typically work on a more long-term basis together, focused on expanding the reach and introduce more content to other points in your customers life-cycle.

But it all starts with a first meeting. Let’s connect and talk about your ambitions!