U.S. Export Compliance

Disclaimer: Sinch has prepared the following summary to help its partners exporting applications from the United States or containing U.S.-origin content. This summary is provided without warranty and since we are not lawyers, this is not legal advice but only some background and links to helpful resources.

When you publish an application to an app store such as Google Play or Apple App Store, your application will be hosted on their servers and therefore needs to comply with US export control laws. This includes rules about software that uses encryption, which the Sinch SDKs do, and applies even if you are not located in the US or are not a US national.

Thus, we strongly recommend you to go through the guidelines provided by Google and Apple and make sure you’ve taken the steps needed to comply with the US government export control rules.

If you distribute your application through other means, you can directly refer to the U.S Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”) website.