Sureshot supports the Sinch Conversational Messaging App for Oracle Reponsys.
Conversation API

Product Information

As a Sinch partner, Sureshot works closely with Sinch to deliver Conversational Messaging solutions for customers related to sales and marketing use cases. Sureshot also develops and maintains the Sinch Conversational Messaging App for Oracle Responsys.

Sureshot supports the Sinch Conversational Messaging App for Oracle Reponsys, and integrates to other leading marketing and sales platforms, so marketers can automate conversational messaging. 

About Sureshot

Sureshot is a martech software vendor that empowers marketers to integrate Sinch’s Conversational Messaging into their martech stack for a variety of use cases. Sureshot’s platform connects with most sales and marketing technologies and helps customers incorporate conversational messaging capabilities into their go-to-market activities.

Sureshot equips marketers with data, messaging and customer journey solutions that restore simplicity and functionality to complex marketing technology processes. Designed to resolve the challenges associated with data management, campaign execution, and the customer lifecycle, our cloud-based software integrates seamlessly with the key platforms of modern martech stacks, and empowers users to validate and enrich data, automate highly personalized cross-channel campaigns, and deliver more engaging interactions with customers and prospects.