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Protect your communities

Keep your apps, websites & support systems safe & secure with our combination of SMS, Voice & Flash Calling Verification – designed to weed out the bad guys.

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  • Lower development time

    Our phone Verification Rest APIs & SDKs are ready & waiting to verify a phone number, so integrate them into your Android, iOS or web applications and start focusing on the things you do best!

  • Friction free sign up

    We’ve put all the hard work in to make it easier for your customers to get phone number verification as quickly as possible. Which means happy customers, and happy you!

  • Secure your world

    Verify a phone number quickly, protecting your online communities & apps, as well as your customers from harm.

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Deeper Insights

Check out our latest guides, reports and ebooks for a new take on creating engaging communications.

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Secure your verifications

Follow our quick tutorial on the different ways to make sure your app is safe, & that no one is using it for fraudulent verifications.
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Swift verification in iOS

Follow our simple tutorial and learn how to verify a user's number using our Swift framework - we'll show you two ways to do it.
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Facebook Account Kit is closing

If you need to find a new verification solution to secure your communities, look no further! Discover how to secure the login process and verify new users with Sinch today.

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Simply swift

We provide great value verification with our Cloud SDK, come check it out in our tutorial on how to verify phone numbers with the Swift SDK using SMS.