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Personalized Video

Bringing together sight, sound & motion

Sinch is the only mobile messaging platform in the world that delivers truly personalized content through video, rich media
& text.

  • Total customer journey transformation

    Personalized video enables a brand to show not tell, make the complex simple, & deliver emotion, sight, & sound to the brand experience. Video is the media consumers are seeking on their mobile devices.

  • Strengthen relationships

    Communicating 1:1 with relevant messages demonstrates respect, interest & familiarity with your customers, delivering on the basic tenants of strong relationships.

  • Differentiate your brand

    Up-leveling your communication by leveraging the same channels typically reserved for friendships is an opportunity to differentiate from competitors & create unique customer connections.

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Use Case – Mobilitia

Mobilitia is a wireless operator. This personalized video, pushed over MMS, is delivered to a new subscriber to confirm their purchase and show them what to expect on their first bill.

Programs like this are substantially lowering calls to customer service centers, while reducing churn in excess of 17% annually.

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