Freshdesk Messaging

Offload customers from the bot to your customer support lines in Freshdesk.

About Freshdesk Messaging

Freshdesk Messaging (formerly known as Freshchat)is the modern messaging solution that delivers effortless customer service for the digital-first customer by bringing together artificial and human intelligence across messaging channels.

You can easily integrate your Chatlayer bot to Freshdesk Messaging, also known as Freshchat, and offload customers from the bot to your customer support lines in Freshdesk.

As a Channel:

If you’re using Freshdesk’s webchat, you can automate your customer support work with a conversational bot trained to reply your frequently asked questions, to open tickets, query your systems and give personalized answers to your customers who reached you via this channel.

As an Offloading provider:

Most of your interactions will probably be answered by the bot, lowering your time of response to the minimum, but your customer might ask things to which the bot hasn’t been trained yet, or talk about a more difficult or delicate subject. In these cases, you’ll probably want to offload this user from the bot to an agent in your customer support. One good practice is to always offer this as a fallback from your bot and communicate it to the customer, asking if they want to talk to an agent.

You can find more information about this integration in the Chatlayer's documentation.