DialMyApp automatically transforms calls to a digital customer engagements.
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Contact Pro & Conversation API adoption, powered by Sinch’s global SMS solutions

How it works

When customers call Sinch’s Contact Pro, DialMyApp’s patented call-intercept solution elegantly transforms the call into a Digital Call. This allows the customer to self-serve via a digital visual menu, explore new products, chat via Sinch Conversation API or continue the call. With this elegant omni-channel experience, the Digital Engagement rate is very high with an average of 63% across industries (Banks, Telcos, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Government, Utilities, etc.).

About DialMyApp

DialMyApp Digital Call is a Digital Engagement Platform that enables rapid digital transformation. When a customer calls the contact center, DialMyApp intercepts the call and serves up a digital menu that the customer can self-serve from, engage via Conversation API’s or simply choose ‘Continue the Call’.  Learn more here.

This elegant omni-channel experience, offers great service to the end customer, increased digital engagement and offers substantial savings to companies. We see companies from all industries (banks, telcos, retail, healthcare, insurance, utilities, etc), consistently reducing cost and offering a better customer experience. 

With the Digital Call Gateway, DialMyApp can serve 100% of the smartphone callers with a Digital Call, either via the Digital Taste experience (SMS based solution) or via the SDK DialMyApp experience which is embedded into many company apps.  Furthermore, the DialMyApp Digital Call Gateway, enables major opportunities for telcos to resell DialMyApp Digital Call as a service.