REDtone Digital Services (RDS)

REDtone is a one-stop telecommunication, infrastructure, and enterprise solutions provider.
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D-23, Block 2, KDA Scheme 5, Clifton,
Karachi -74600

About REDtone

REDtone Digital Services (RDS) is a one-stop telecommunication, infrastructure, and digital solutions provider. Founded in 2017, we are in no way a new firm. Part of REDtone Group, with a multi-decade portfolio of innovation across multiple companies and geographies, we are built-for-business.

As a licensed local loop telecom service provider, we offer cutting-edge corporate and enterprise solutions, cloud powered hosting and services, triple play, on-demand entertainment, e-sports, customer experience and onboarding, educational, network & security and fintech solutions across a variety of customer journeys/touchpoints.

With presence across Pakistan’s major cities, we are primed to disrupt the conventional and bring you the future.