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Mapp Cloud generates actionable insights to engage customers & deliver cross-channel marketing campaigns.
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About Mapp Digital

Mapp Cloud is an Insight Led Customer-Experience platform specifically designed to help consumer-facing brands (multi-channel retail, eCommerce, and D2C) run highly personalized, cross-channel marketing campaigns powered by real-time customer data and AI. Our platform breaks down data silos, empowering marketers and data teams to work smarter with actionable customer insights that let you connect with consumers along their journey with your brand.


Mapp leverages Sinch Conversational API to deliver mobile messages across a number of channels, including SMS and WhatsApp and many more.

Within the Mapp Cloud platform, it is possible to create your message content through our simple to use message builder. This message can then be sent instantly, scheduled for a later date or built into a wider cross-channel marketing campaign. At the point of send the content is passed to Sinch who will execute the delivery to the right person through the right channel.