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About Entopic

Entopic is a full service content company with a large variety of in house content professionals, professionals who are seconded to enterprises and large enterprises which are our customers. 

Entopic also has a recruitment department and is connected to a large pool of freelancers in order to provide companies with the right content professional when needed.


  • From static information to dialogue: With the increase of conversational interfaces like chatbots and voice assistants, digital copy is changing. Engaging in conversations with our users is very different from offering static information. This requires a new skill: flow design – creating a dialogue. Also called conversational copywriting or conversation design.

  • Flow design is essential: Designing a dialogue is a craft. A flow designer maps out all possible routes and scenarios. Which user questions have priority? How do you point users in the right direction? What are the guidelines for a ‘human conversation’? The answers to these questions lead to a dialogue tree that can be filled with conversational copy.

  • Personality design: Of course, your chatbot copy matches your brand. And your brand voice: the values you have set for your communication. But you can go further, to make your bot feel even more authentic. We can help you with personality design: your bot’s characteristics and how it deals with types of emotions. This impacts its answers as well as user experience greatly.