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Symsoft launches service to help operators assess SS7 fraud and integrity threats

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Symsoft, the operator division of CLX Communications, launches an SS7 Vulnerability Assessment Service in response to recently exposed security threats in mobile operator networks. Through a proven penetration testing scheme, the service identifies weaknesses in operator networks that could expose subscribers to advanced fraud, hijacked communications and service disruption. Publicly presented research has shown that a number of vulnerabilities in SS7 networks are currently being exploited on a global scale for attacks on operators and individual subscribers. Subscribers may be located down to street level, calls and messages tapped, subscriber profiles tampered with and, in the worst case, services could be made completely unavailable or unknowingly compromised. All these threats are to a large extent made possible due to the insufficient filtering of SS7 messages in operator networks. As such, non-operator sources may be able to access and alter confidential subscriber information in situations where this is not warranted. As more independent parties access operator signaling networks, including service providers, micro-operators and aggregators, it has become easier for malicious actors to exploit this central weakness without requiring direct operator connectivity. “Symsoft continues to be an active participant in GSMA security groups, investigating vulnerabilities and efficient protection ever since they were first identified”, says Petter Näslund, VP Product Management at Symsoft. “We have designed the SS7 Vulnerability Assessment Service to identify potential weaknesses in an individual operator network. The service also offers concrete suggestions on how the operator can protect revenues, service availability and subscriber integrity.” Providing an overview of current vulnerabilities, the Symsoft SS7 Vulnerability Assessment Service helps operators protect their networks efficiently to meet the demands of customers, shareholders and regulators. Symsoft also offers a range of security solutions to help operators stay protected, including SS7 Firewall and SMS Firewall products. Originally posted on www.symsoft.com, find out more about Symsoft’s rebrand to Sinch in the press release here.