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Symsoft Gets Gold for CSR

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Symsoft, part of CLX Communications AB (publ), has received a Gold rating from renowned Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agency EcoVadis for the second consecutive year. This is the highest rating level that EcoVadis confers to companies. The rating covers environmental, social and ethical aspects of Symsoft’s business, and is an important validation of the continuous CSR efforts at Symsoft. As part of these efforts, Symsoft also supports Swedish charity Hand-In-Hand that works to fight poverty through job creation. Social Responsibility is becoming increasingly important as governments, organisations and individuals seek to meet the societal and environmental challenges of the 21st century. The telecommunications industry has an important part to play by creating an efficiently interconnected world. The ability to meet without traveling, find and exchange information easily at a low cost and to utilize resources more efficiently through real-time data collection are all examples of how telecommunications can drive evolution and a more sustainable society. While delivering efficient ICT solutions is very important, it is also important to conduct business in a responsible manner, ensuring social and environmental aspects are considered in the entire value chain, from development and sales to delivery of products and services. With this in mind, Symsoft has worked hard to make a positive social and environmental impact through its business conduct while helping customers succeed. Working internally at Symsoft and with suppliers, measures have been taken to minimize environmental impact and to guarantee fair conditions throughout the value chain. Based on these efforts, EcoVadis has given Symsoft a Gold rating, ranking Symsoft in the top 3.3% in its industry. “At Symsoft, we are very glad to receive this Gold rating from EcoVadis. For us, it is an acknowledgement of our organisation-wide CSR efforts. We will continue this work, helping customers to meet business challenges today and tomorrow in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner and enabling services that make a positive environmental contribution,” says Johan Rosendahl, Managing Director at Symsoft. As part of this effort, Symsoft along with the parent company CLX Communications, is also giving back to the entrepreneurial community by supporting the creation and development of small businesses in developing countries through Hand In Hand, a Swedish charity. Hand In Hand makes a difference by helping poor uneducated women start their own business through education and micro-loans. In helping these women, entire families can be lifted out of poverty and children can attend school instead of working to provide an income. Since its inception, Hand in Hand has helped start over 1.7 million companies and create more than 2.6 million jobs. Symsoft & CLX have supported Hand In Hand for over 4 years through annual donations. Originally posted on www.symsoft.com, find out more about Symsoft’s rebrand to Sinch in the press release here.