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Symsoft Announce the Largest Global Hybrid Cloud SMSC

Symsoft’s geo-redundant platform exceeds 20 billion A2P annual messages.

Symsoft AB, the operator division of CLX Communications AB (Publ) – XSTO:CLX, today announced that their hybrid Cloud SMSC now carries more than 20 billion A2P SMS transactions annually for CLX Communications.

The A2P SMS traffic volumes carried by the Symsoft hybrid Cloud SMSC have increased tremendously in recent months. This has been driven by several strategic acquisitions by CLX. In striving to streamline operations and to offer the best quality and performance in the industry, CLX has consolidated traffic onto a single, geographically redundant platform provided by Symsoft.

The hybrid Cloud SMSC is a first of its kind and leverages both physical and cloud-based platform nodes, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), to deliver an unparalleled service. The platform is deployed across multiple AWS Availability Zones to ensure an outstanding service and to minimize latency for customers with varying requirements across the globe.

Johan Rosendahl, Managing Director at Symsoft, commented, ‘The Symsoft hybrid Cloud SMSC is a key element in CLX being able to grow and develop their Tier 1 CPaaS Service for enterprises around the world. By leveraging a well-respected cloud infrastructure provider we can provide the highest quality A2P SMS service worldwide quickly and economically to anyone looking to move their infrastructure to the cloud. As our architecture is modular, scalable and proven, the hybrid Cloud SMSC stands ready for the continued growth of A2P SMS’, Rosendahl continues.

Robert Gerstmann, Managing Director of CLX Communications, commented, ‘The overall CLX volumes carried by the Symsoft hybrid Cloud SMSC has quadrupled in the last two years. This growth had the potential to bring scaling challenges that could have limited our ability to grow as rapidly as we had planned. However, I am happy to confirm that Symsoft has been able to meet all our requirements. Our investments in the hybrid Cloud SMSC platform combined with having trusted partnerships with Symsoft, AWS, and others, means we now have a unique competitive advantage in the cloud communications space”, Gerstmann concludes.

Originally posted on, find out more about Symsoft’s rebrand to Sinch in the press release here.

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