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Sinch launches comprehensive collaboration experience with Webex by Cisco

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Chicago, USA and Stockholm, Sweden – October 19, 2023 – Sinch, a leader in powering meaningful conversations between businesses and their customers through its Customer Communications Cloud, today announced its partnership with Webex by Cisco, a leading provider of collaboration technologies powering hybrid work, to deliver Sinch Calling with Webex. This new product delivers an integrated calling and collaboration experience with advanced messaging and meeting functionalities, all unified within the Webex platform. 

“Building on our mutual vision to delight the small to medium business customer, Webex is partnering with Sinch to deliver Sinch Calling with Webex,” said Tony Lopresti, senior director product management for Webex. “With fully integrated Webex technology, Sinch users will experience a modern, all-in-one collaboration tool that delivers simple, flexible communications, making their businesses more productive and more secure, with any device from anywhere.” 

Sinch Calling with Webex offers businesses a unified communication solution, combining Sinch’s voice capabilities with Webex’s advanced messaging and meeting functionalities.  This allows businesses to have consistent feature functionality across voice, messaging, and meetings — without needing multiple service providers. Moreover, the service is designed for optimal performance, ensuring high-definition voice and video quality, thereby enhancing customer engagement and collaboration. 

“Unified communication is essential in today’s business landscape, and we’re committed to offering robust solutions,” says Anders Lenman, vice president of enterprise products at Sinch. “Our collaboration with Webex is an important step that will provide businesses with a comprehensive, high-quality platform for all their communication needs. This integration not only enables companies to streamline their operations but also fosters value, trust, and loyalty with their customer base.” 

Global enterprises have long relied on Sinch for its exceptional voice and messaging services. Sinch Calling with Webex is best suited for companies needing a platform to deliver a high-quality, unified communications experience. Businesses using disparate apps for voice, messaging, and meetings often face challenges in maintaining consistent quality and feature sets. Sinch Calling with Webex eliminates these issues by providing a seamless, end-to-end communication solution within a single platform. 



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Director of Marketing, Sinch Voice 

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Investor Relations Director 

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About Sinch 

Sinch powers meaningful conversations between businesses and their customers through its Customer Communications Cloud. More than 150,000 businesses—including many of the world's largest tech companies — rely on Sinch and its global Super Network, which is the most secure and reliable network for messaging, voice, and email. Sinch has been profitable and fast-growing since it was founded in 2008. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with shares traded at NASDAQ Stockholm: XSTO:SINCH. Learn more at sinch.com. 

About Webex by Cisco  

Webex is a leading provider of cloud-based collaboration solutions which includes video meetings, calling, messaging, events, customer experience solutions like contact center and purpose-built collaboration devices. At Webex, we start with people and their experiences first. This focus on delivering inclusive collaboration experiences fuels our innovation, which leverages AI and Machine Learning, to remove the barriers of geography, language, personality, and familiarity with technology. Our solutions are underpinned with security and privacy by design. We work with the world's leading business and productivity apps – delivered through a single application and interface. Learn more at webex.com.