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NG911 call aggregator, Inteliquent, leads U.S. public safety

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Inteliquent exceeds 30% of population with recent next generation call aggregation deployments

Chicago, IL — Inteliquent, Inc., the largest independent voice communications provider in the United States, leads the charge in transforming U.S. emergency services into an all-IP next generation 911 (NG911) service. Inteliquent announces the successful deployments of NG911 call aggregation service in states and counties across the country.

Inteliquent is advancing emergency services nationwide and is the market leader providing NG911 call aggregation services to over 30 percent of the awarded U.S. population. NG911 provides the ability to share voice and data-rich information to improve first responders’ ability to save lives, safeguard first responders and protect property. Inteliquent’s solution is a critical first step by ingressing 911 calls from originating service providers (OSPs) on behalf of a state or county and reliably transmitting them to a NG core systems provider to deliver the call to a public safety answering point (PSAP).

Inteliquent provides call aggregation services to several states and counties nationwide. Inteliquent’s network expertise, NG911 knowledge, and ability to deliver highly available and resilient service predictably and in record time has propelled them to be the leading provider in NG911 call aggregation services within three years of entering the emergency services market.

Chandy Ghosh, general manager and chief operating officer of emergency services for Inteliquent, commented on this exciting growth, “The communications landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, which is driving the demand for NG911 services nationwide. Delivering all the information necessary — in the form of videos, health records, real-time text messages and other valuable supporting materials — to empower first responders to quickly resolve an emergency is the future of 911.” She continued, “We have a considerable opportunity to progress our country’s public safety efforts.”

Inteliquent’s strong relationships with OSPs, particularly with wireless originating providers, makes their aptitude for delivering NG911 end-to-end unsurpassed in the nation. OSP migrations are tightly planned, so calls are moved to Inteliquent’s architecture immediately upon deployment, resulting in a more cost effective and predictable implementation.

About Inteliquent

Inteliquent empowers communications for the leading communication service providers, government entities served by prime contractors and enterprises. In partnership with many forefront companies in the NG911 industry, Inteliquent provides the most reliable and advanced systems for 911 authorities. The foundation of Inteliquent’s communications platform is its fully redundant, geo- and carrier-diverse, public safety grade tier 1 network. This network is trusted by the nation’s largest service providers, as it provides the most expansive footprint of local phone numbers in the United States with over 12,200 on-net rate centers and 300 billion minutes of traffic on the network annually.