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Leading European Tier 1 Operator chooses the Symsoft SS7 Firewall

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Symsoft (part of CLX Communications) has signed a contract with a European Tier-1 Operator to implement comprehensive SS7 Firewall based protection in six markets. The functionality introduced will help the Operator prevent attacks targeting subscriber privacy and large scale fraud by intelligent blocking and active monitoring of the signaling network. The protection provided is fully aligned with the recommendations provided by the GSMA and regulatory authorities. Vulnerabilities in SS7 networks have been widely discussed following the recent exposure of mobile subscribers to an array of privacy threats including call and message tampering, services being used for free or made completely unavailable. To protect its subscribers and its business, a European Tier-1 Operator will deploy the Symsoft SS7 Firewall in the 6 markets they serve. The Symsoft solution will block attacks by intelligent tracking of sessions and inspection of signaling traffic in real time. Illicit messages and suspicious communication patterns are blocked immediately to ensure that third parties cannot access subscriber information or alter subscriber profiles. Traffic data is also logged for analysis, providing information of incoming attacks and gathering information on potential new forms of attacks. The need for SS7 firewalls hit the headlines recently due to NIST, the US standards body, publishing a draft decision to deprecate the use of SMS for 2-factor Authentication due to the possibility of roaming intercept fraud which allows an attacker to intercept an SMS by roaming a handset to a foreign network. The Symsoft SS7 firewall can intercept this and many other types of fraud in real time thereby ensuring subscriber privacy. “Customers trust that their mobile communications are safe, secure and private. The selection of Symsoft and the Symsoft SS7 Firewall is a testament to the confidence the operator has in our ability to help them maintain that trust” says Petter Näslund, VP Product Management, Symsoft. “Our long experience of working with real-time inspection and filtering has made it possible for us to create a product that delivers solid protection under real-life circumstances. We look forward to helping this operator provide a secure and reliable service to its customers”. Further details will be communicated once the SS7 Firewall has been deployed and the protection has been enabled in the commercial network. Originally posted on www.symsoft.com, find out more about Symsoft’s rebrand to Sinch in the press release here.