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Global Mobile Launch 2VOTE Service

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Global Mobile have partnered with CLX Communications to launch a new innovation in the political and messaging sector with their ‘2VOTE’ mobile SMS service. Currently trialling in the US, the short-code messaging service allows voters to gain registration status, voting information and polling locations to ensure today’s voters have vital information surrounding the voting process.

The Global Mobile team have been developing the service since the beginning of 2016, and have carried out several successful trials. In particular, Georgia, Colorado, Pennsylvania and several counties have been working with Global Mobile to give their voters access to much needed voter information through this simple keyword and shortcode combination.

Lee Durham, CEO at Global Mobile said, ‘The new service gives a quick and easy way for citizens to get up-to-date voting information. We are really pleased by the reception the new service is getting in the US and how successful the trials have been in increasing voter registration and turnout’.

‘Not only does the service encourage people to get more informed on voting information, it arguably makes this information more accessible. ‘In particular this is helpful for Millennials who are less inclined to vote but more inclined to use digital devices for accessing information and it is hoped this service will actively encourage this group to vote. The speed, low cost and penetration of mobile phones are all further reasons for the success of this initiative.’ Lee continued.

Global Mobile have partnered with CLX Communications who exclusively provide the messaging infrastructure that underpins the service. Petter Bengtsson VP of US Sales commented, ‘We are really pleased to be working with Global Mobile on this new initiative. Short-codes provide consumers with a memorable and easy way to communicate with businesses that can drive real results’.

Global Mobile plan to trial the service internationally to grow the brand further. Petter Bengtsson continues ‘CLX has the most comprehensive super network of direct Tier 1 carrier connections available in the industry and so we are well placed to support Global Mobile as they target new markets and destinations with this service.

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