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Føroya Tele awards Sinch order for Charging & Policy Control

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Stockholm, Sweden 2 May, 2019 Føroya Tele (Faroese Telecom), the incumbent operator in the Faroe Islands has chosen the Sinch (XSTO:SINCH) Policy & Charging Solution to replace their legacy charging infrastructure. The move builds on the partnership between Sinch and Føroya Tele that started in 2011 and that will now see Sinch modernize Føroya Tele’s infrastructure by enabling advanced charging and policy capabilities and improve user experience for subscribers. Combining Sinch’s Online Charging System (OCS) and PCRF in a consolidated Policy and Charging solution will extend Føroya Tele a powerful toolbox to meet the changing demands of mobile subscribers who expect greater control, personalization and flexibility. With the advanced capabilities of the new solution, subscribers will have real-time access to account balances and consumption while the operator will have a real-time insight into subscriber behavior to create innovative and relevant offerings. The Policy & Charging Solution is also built ready for 5G use cases giving Føroya Tele an optimum foundation on which to build the future. The new infrastructure will be deployed in VMware’s virtualized environment and is an important step in the digital transformation of Føroya Tele as an operator. The new system is expected to reduce network complexity as well as operational costs while the flexible configuration framework will let Føroya Tele establish a competitive edge. Jóna Olsen, Chief Technical Officer at Føroya Tele says “today’s customers expect to receive services in a digital environment where they are in control and they expect it in real time. The Sinch Online Policy & Charging Solution will give us the flexibility that we need to quickly and cost effectively meet the demands of our subscribers and improve our time to market for new offerings as well as the overall customer experience.” Petter Näslund, VP Product Management Operator Division at Sinch comments; “Sinch has a proven ability to cultivate operator relationships into strategic partnerships in order to help operators embrace opportunities in changing market conditions. Our relationship with Føroya Tele dates back to 2011 and we are now taking the next step by modernizing their Policy & Charging capabilities as part of their Digital Transformation.” “Sinch’s combination of real-time policy and charging control in a single solution is optimal for operators looking for an integrated solution to differentiate their product offerings. A consolidated policy and charging solution has many operational benefits but one of the most important advantages for Føroya Tele will be an improved ability to quickly adapt and meet the subscribers’ needs”, Näslund concludes. The Sinch Consolidated Policy & Charging solution is a highly scalable system with an extended feature set used by challenger operators around the world. Føroya Tele expects to put the Sinch solution in service during the second quarter 2019.