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CLX Acquires Unwire

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22nd March 2018 – Stockholm, Sweden – CLX Communications AB (publ.) – XSTO: CLX CLX Communications AB (publ.) (“CLX”) – a leading global CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) provider, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Danish company Unwire Communication ApS (“Unwire Communication”) for a cash consideration of DKK 148 million on a cash and debt-free basis. The acquisition excludes Unwire Payments & Mobility ApS which has been carved out prior to the acquisition. “We are delighted to welcome Unwire Communication customers and their team to the CLX family. The acquisition of Unwire Communication makes us the undisputed CPaaS leader in the Nordic region, a region that leads the world in digitization and customer engagement.

This acquisition is a natural next step for CLX following our growth strategy to become the global CPaaS leader”, said Anders Olin, Chief Operating Officer, CLX Communications. Jens Søndergaard, CEO of Unwire Payments & Mobility ApS said “The acquisition of Unwire Communication by CLX is great news for our team located in Copenhagen and our customers. The acquisition will give our people an opportunity to grow professionally within a large global organization and will guarantee our customers continuance of the service they have become used to. This transaction also allows Unwire Payments & Mobility to focus exclusively on mobile payments going forward.“ “We will run the acquired business as a stand-alone entity leveraging the CLX brand for the foreseeable future thus allowing for ‘business-as-usual’ operations from both a customer and staff perspective”, continued Anders Olin. The acquisition adds more than 300 enterprise customers and further strengthens CLX’s global Tier-1 Super NetworkTM which can be leveraged across its entire global enterprise customer base to optimize quality and further improve CLX’s cost leadership position. CLX will rank as the largest CPaaS provider in the Nordic region post-acquisition.


About Unwire Communication ApS

Unwire Communication was founded in 1999 in Denmark and is a leading enterprise cloud communications provider in the Nordic market. Unwire Communication provides mobile messaging services and solutions to a broad enterprise customer base across industry verticals and is the leading cloud communications provider to the Nordic financial services sector. Unwire Communication is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and has approximately 20 employees. Originally posted on www.clxcommunications.com