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Cisco and Inteliquent integrate high quality cloud calling

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Cloud Connected PSTN now available for Webex Calling

Chicago, IL — Inteliquent, the largest independent voice communications service provider in the United States, announced today the general availability to offer Cloud Connected PSTN service for Webex Calling. With this calling integration, Webex Calling users can now select Inteliquent as their voice provider of phone numbers, toll-free numbers, local and long distance services as well as enhanced 911.

Cloud telephony has experienced major growth in the enterprise space over the past 18 months. In addition to improved scalability, cloud PBX systems offer enhanced security, better integration, and access to advanced features when compared to traditional phone lines.

Seamlessly integrating public switched telephone network (PSTN) services within a cloud PBX environment significantly reduces the complexity and workload of working with multiple vendors to establish voice services supporting an enterprise. Inteliquent solves this problem by being one of the few providers capable of integrating this critical functionality with Webex Calling.

Through Inteliquent, Webex users will gain access to the following functionality:

  • Local and toll-free numbers
  • Global outbound coverage
  • Enhanced Inbound Caller ID and Caller Name (CNAM) delivery
  • Outbound CNAM support
  • Robocall mitigation with STIR/SHAKEN support
  • Emergency services
  • Directory listings

Webex Calling includes numerous enterprise-grade features, such as HD audio and video, intelligent call routing, convenience call recording, and advanced analytics and reporting managed by a centralized administrative dashboard in a single application for calling, meetings, messaging and integrated devices.

“Our decision to integrate with the Webex platform gives value-added resellers access to an industry-leading solution and connectivity provider,” said Brent Mello, vice president of enterprise services for Inteliquent. “Webex Calling was already an excellent choice for any business looking to embrace unified communications and hybrid work. With Inteliquent they leverage our top-tier infrastructure, which currently powers more than 100 million phone numbers and 300 billion minutes of use annually. Our experts handle the entire onboarding and implementation process, providing a seamless experience from day one.”

Inteliquent’s Cloud Connected PSTN service for Webex Calling is priced based on usage, to ensure enterprises only pay for what they use. Learn more about Inteliquent Cloud Connected PSTN.

About Inteliquent

Inteliquent empowers communications for the leading communication service providers and enterprises. The foundation of Inteliquent’s communications platform is its fully redundant, geo-diverse, carrier-grade tier 1 network. This network is trusted by the nation’s largest service providers, as it provides the most expansive footprint of local phone numbers in the United States with over 12,200 on-net rate centers and 300 billion minutes of traffic on the network annually.