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How to verify numbers with Sinch for login or signup


Need to find a new verification solution to secure your communities? Then look no further! Discover how to secure the login process and verify new users with Sinch today. Watch the video now!

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Why you need to watch this webinar...

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    Facebook's Account Kit is going...

    Been using Account Kit for verification services? Well, you won't be able to for much longer. If you're reading this after March 2020, it's gone completely! So, you need an alternative, right?
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    Industry-leading expertise

    Sinch Sales Director Philip Healy is joined by Sinch's Verification Product Manager, Magnus Lundstedt as they run through everything Sinch has to offer as an Account Kit replacement
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    Time is running out

    Facebook have given developers time to set up alternative solutions, but it's running out fast! Discover how to seamlessly keep your communities and apps secure with us
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    Easy implementation and integration

    In this 30-minute webinar, we discuss our offering for each verification solution, as well as how combining methods can improve your conversion rates and reduce costs
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