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Strengthening customer relationships through mobile engagement


We’re living in a post-loyalty era where incentive marketing no longer promotes a strong relationship with customers. Relevance and personalization are primary drivers for customer engagement. Watch the video now!

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    We take a look at how marketing has evolved over the years. We're entering the age of relevance now, but how did we get here and what effect will this have on the evolution of marketing? We've got all the answers for you!
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    How does mobile video give brands a tool to 'supercharge' relevance? Get the low down on how mobile video works to engage a segment of one, keeps it personal, and helps enterprises connect with consumers on their most personal of devices
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    Find out how the new phase of personalization has been facilitated by technology - specifically mobile. How have we gone from mass-produced 'personalized' emails where using a customer's first name was considered ground-breaking to bespoke messages tailored to suit each individual need?
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    The future

    Interested in finding out what's coming next, or how personalized messaging is set to accelerate the age of relevance? Tim and Matt get into how personalization is the way forward to reduce churn, increase loyalty, and boost sales
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