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Watch Our A2P 10DLC Webinar

10-Digit long code webinar

With shared short codes in the US market causing compliance issues, carriers have stepped in to make accountability a priority. Find out how every business can securely incorporate A2P messaging in their campaigns and stay compliant. Watch the video now!

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Reasons to watch our A2P 10DLC messaging webinar

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    Sinch expertise

    We pulled together some of our best guys to bring you their expertise on 10DLC. Don't miss the industry-leading insight on this hot topic from Jonathan Vimont, Director of US Messaging, Keenon House, Product Manager & Service Implementation, and Hillary Hopkins, US Campaign Manager
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    Expected timelines & milestones

    There's a lot of talk in the industry about 10DLC launch dates and MNO readiness. If you're after some clarity on how things are looking right now, we've got the most up to date info. Join us as we look at the key milestones on the road to 10DLC success
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    10DLC deep dive

    We jump straight into the detail on 10DLC and pull out everything you need to know. Where they come from, who owns and manages the routing, campaign management, throughput, cost, and more. It's all here for you to soak up!
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    CTIA & campaign compliance

    CTIA messaging principles and best practices to further protect messaging from spam was released on July 19, 2019. We talk through what these mean for the industry, how campaign approvals will be affected and how they will be enforced
A tablet displaying the Sinch 10DLC webinar
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