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The new age of mobile marketing - let's get personal!


Personalization is key when it comes to reducing churn, increasing revenue and improving brand experience – get all the insight and market stats. Download the eBook now!

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    The technology

    The new age of mobile marketing is here and this time it's personal. It's finally possible to create a million different messages for a million different customers - find out how you can grab your customer's attention and keep it
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    The market

    Personalized messaging is upping the ante, adding value, and increasing conversions and read rates. Get the latest industry stats and facts that point to the future of messaging being all about the individual
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    The enterprise

    Brands risk losing 38% of customers if they don't get their personalization strategy right. Tailoring content to suit the individual is the way forward, but how do you find the balance and create messages that drive action? We've got all the answers
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    The consumer

    Is loyalty-based marketing a thing of the past? Tim Green, mobile expert, reflects on the coming era of messaging relevance and how loyalty can no longer be bought with rewards or discounts - consumers are looking for more. How can you meet their needs?
A copy of the Sinch eBook: Messaging and personalization - Transitioning from loyalty to relevance
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