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Are you GDPR ready?


If you’re working in the messaging space, you need to be aware of GDPR and how it affects your day to day activities. We’ll walk you through everything. Download the guide now!

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Why you need to read this guide...

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    What's GDPR all about?

    GDPR is all about gaining customer trust in areas where personal data is involved - like messaging. If trust is stronger, businesses can work with a clearer understanding of how to build it rather than abuse it
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    Territorial scope

    It’s not just businesses in the EU that are affected by GDPR you know, if you sit outside the EEA, then it applies to you too. Best take a read of our guide to see how you can stay within the law!
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    Who's who in GDPR?

    So many different roles in GDPR – data controller, data processor, sub processor. Not sure which one you are? Not to worry, we explain it all in the guide, so you can get up to scratch in double quick time
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    Penalties for GDPR breaches

    If you’re not playing by the rules, you could face a huge fine. €20 million (or 4% of annual turnover) to be exact, so it really makes sense to get your ducks in a row and take care of GDPR
A booklet of the whitepaper: A Guide to GDPR & Enterprise Messaging
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