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What trends will influence the future A2P SMS market?


Even in a crowded space, SMS stands out because it’s everywhere, but how will it cope in the future? Our eBook takes a look at how SMS is set to fare. Download the eBook now!

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    The technology

    A2P messaging plays a big part in fraud prevention - think 2FA, notifications, alerts etc. Many MNOs have blocked shady traffic with SMS firewalls, but 2FA made up 18% of the total SMS traffic sent in 2017. Find out how you can protect yourself and your customers
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    The innovators

    It’s always easier to relate to things when you apply them to real life, so check out our case study where A2P SMS is making a difference to both customer engagement and security, while giving safety a boost and lowering risks on roads around the world
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    The enterprise

    To help build trust, the industry needed guidance, which is why we teamed up with MEF to put a code of conduct together. Has your supplier signed up and agreed to play by the rules? If not, do you really know who you’re dealing with? Find out more about The Code
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    The consumer

    If you want to encourage brand loyalty, ramping up customer service by offering new and exciting ways for end users to get in touch will help you get noticed for all the right reasons. Today’s demanding customers have all the power, how can you meet their digital needs?
A copy of the Sinch eBook: A2P Messaging: The Business of Communication
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