The operator’s guide to maximizing the value of SMS

SMS Transformation

It's time for MNOs to up SMS profitability – but where should you start?  

The booming demand for app-to-person (A2P) SMS promises mind-boggling revenue growth, but effective monetization is a tough nut to crack – as is securing P2P margins.   

So how can MNO's take back control of SMS delivery value chains and maximize the earning potential of SMS, all while mitigating the threat of arbitrage and fraud?  

Easy - by reading this guide!   

SMS transformation report

Ready to step up your SMS game?

How to cash in on the SMS opportunity

Despite the rise of OTT players, A2P SMS has been showing dizzying growth. In 2020, global spending on A2P SMS rose 20% to US$21.5 billion, with 2% of global enterprises using it. With 10% adoption by global enterprises, that figure can be expected to reach US$75 billion.

There’s plenty of upside in P2P too: 


of enterprises worldwide use A2P SMS - imagine the growth opportunities!


forecast global spend based on A2P SMS adoption by 10% of global enterprises 


of traffic is estimated to be illegitimate 


of traffic in P2P streams is estimated to be A2P

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