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RCS Messaging – The Next Level of Customer Engagement

The third in our 4 part series of eBooks looking into customer service is available now! Get your copy today and take a look at how RCS is set to shake up the enterprise messaging industry!

First published Mar 2019

A2P Messaging – The Business of Communication

A2P SMS use is set to sky rocket thanks to firewalls, the MEF Code of Conduct and the cracking customer service it offers. Be there for lift off!

First published Nov 2018

Enterprise CPaaS – The Customer Service Imperative

Customers are becoming more demanding than ever and they expect you to meet their needs at every turn. How? Our eBook has the answers.

First published Sep 2018

Sinch – Enterprise Video Calling

Want to find out more about Video Calling? What it can do for you, who is using it and how? You’re in the right place.

First published Jul 2018

A Guide to GDPR & Enterprise Messaging

We might all be overloaded with GDPR, but it’s important to know how it affects you. Get the low down in our latest guide.

First published May 2018

MEF Webinar: GDPR and Enterprise Messaging

You need to watch this webinar if you’re in any doubt about what GDPR is or what it means for your company – it’ll soon be the law!

First published Apr 2018

CPaaS – Transforming Enterprises

You may have heard about CPaaS, but do you know what it really is? We can point you in the right direction with our latest whitepaper.

First published Apr 2018

CNaaS - The Exciting New Cloud Service Alternative

How are Cloud Services Changing the Telco Landscape?

Today’s mobile operators are facing challenges from new entrants who are changing the telco landscape. One key driver of this change is the increasing viability of Cloud Services.

First published April 2018

Webinar: Hijacking Network Elements Over SS7: A New Type of Attack

Watch the recording of our Hijacking Network Elements Over SS7: A New Type of Attack in its entirety right here!

First published 2017

A Network Operator's Guide to Differentiating

How PCC Can Provide a Competitive Edge?

There’s a constant battle for market share in the cloud communications space. Want to embrace the opportunity and remain competitive? Then a digital transformation is needed!

First published Jan 2018


How Can I Protect My Network?

Mobile networks are exposed; under attack, insecure or even broken. We hear it in the media, through reports and at conferences. But, really, how bad is it?

First published Sept 2017

Future of Enterprise Messaging Report

The machines are rising! Check out our latest white paper on SMS, RCS and Chat Bots – it’s all about automation in the B2C market.

First published 2017

Webinar: RCS – The Future of Enterprise Messaging

RCS is promising to shake things up, with all the benefits it offers it’s hardly surprising! Want to find out more?

First published 2017

MEF Future of Messaging Guide

What does the future hold for messaging? Find out what’s around the corner for one of the world’s most powerful communication tools.

First published 2016

MEF Fraud Report

Open a window to the world of how SMS is being affected by spam and fraud. Our report in partnership with MEF has all the details.

First published 2016

MEF Mobile Messaging Report

Dive into SMS and chat app use around the world! We teamed up with MEF to bring you the low down from 9 different countries.

First published 2016

Sustaining A2P SMS Growth

Get the low down on SMS with our global enterprise survey. We joined forces with Ovum to take a look at SMS revenue and growth potential.

First published 2015