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Virtual HR basics made easy with a real-time chatbot

Find out how leading insurance company Foyer used a virtual HR chatbot to amp up employee communications.

Making communications simple is at the very heart of what Foyer does. A forward-thinking company with its finger on the pulse of technology, Foyer is always searching for ways to improve customer support and make insurance and financial services accessible to all.






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Innovating with AI chatbots 

As part of its broader innovation strategyand following learnings at its 2017 HackathonFoyer took a closer look at chatbots and quickly saw the benefits technologies linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI) had to offer. 

With over 800 Foyer employees asking questions daily on any number of HR topics, a hassle-free solution offering real-time answers to simple questions was the obvious place to start innovating. 

Virtual HR in real-time 

Foyer quickly identified mobile as the preferred channel for a virtual HR assistant. Always handy in the moment of need, the ever-present mobile phone was the key to giving employees quick and easy access to the HR information they needed. 

The task of finding a partner was an equally simple decisionManuel Kauffmann, IT Correspondent at Foyer explains. “Thanks to the growing reputation of Chatlayer by Sinch in linguistic design, in-depth knowledge of language issues specific to the Benelux markets, and specialized development in conversational AI technology, the partnership was a match made in chatbot heaven. 

Kauffmann goes on to say that, “Sinch’s multi-lingual chatbot, together with the great agility of the Foyer team, resulted in the launch of our human resources assistant, Léonie, in under three months. We’re very happy with the solution.” Phone handset showing a conversation with the Foyer chatbotPhone handset showing a conversation with the Foyer chatbot

24/7 virtual HR support

Léonie is now recognized as more than just a robot. With a response rate of 80%, she helps all Foyer Group employees with day-to-day personnel management, working hours, holidays, parking, legal benefits, and more, while freeing up the HR team to focus on more complex tasks. 

Image of how Leonie, the Foyer chatbot, looks on screenLéonie’s 24/7 availability, speed, efficiency, and quality offer great prospects for the future. With the knowledge that AI chatbots have a significant impact on productivity levels and help drive costs down, Foyer plan to develop similar tools for clients to help increase access to its insurance services. 

“In our reflections on chatbot technology, it was important for us to acquire real skills which our partnership with Chatlayer by Sinch brought us,” Kauffmann says. Thanks to this, we now see multiple opportunities for an exciting future.” 

Key Facts




Sinch Chatlayer.ai






Design an HR communication solution to answer simple questions in real-time


Léonie virtual chatbot to handle simple human resource requests and notifications


Significant time savings for the HR department, with Léonie up and running in less than three months

" Sinch Chatlayer.ai has a proven track record in languages that are important to Foyer Group. Their platform and guidance have been instrumental for us to adapt AI chatbot technology in our organization. "

Manuel Kauffmann

IT Correspondent, Foyer

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