Optimizing customer service and costs with an AI chatbot

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More bikes, fewer cars, smarter vehicles: People are changing how they move around cities — and chatbots are a big part of that transformation. They help urban mobility companies make our cities smarter, greener, and healthier. Find out how!
Optimizing customer service with conversational AI


Challenge: Bizbike wanted to satisfy customers with quick responses and high-quality support.

Solution: Implementing a Chatlayer bot on their website to fully automate answers to simple questions, issues, and requests.

Results: 40+ hours per month saved thanks to automation and a 4+ point increase in NPS score.



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Founded in 2014, Bizbike is Belgium’s biggest eBike provider and an expert in bicycle mobility. 

Since its creation, the company’s ambition has always been to get and keep everyone moving. Bizbike strongly believes in the benefits and positive impact of cycling, and one of the company’s main goals is to improve bicycle mobility in Belgium for both employers and employees. 

E-bikes have seen a huge surge in popularity across Europe in recent years and have started replacing cars in Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands. But what sets the Bizbike apart is its dedication to delivering an end-to-end positive experience for every cyclist, with user-friendly, sustainably designed electric bikes, a high price-quality ratio — and five-star after-sales service. 

Bizbike strives for a home delivery of every bicycle within two weeks. With their in-house developed platform, they can ensure a close follow-up of every customer and register agreements for maintenance or repair. 

But maintaining a seamless customer experience in today’s booming e-mobility market comes with some challenges. That’s where Sinch came in! 

Challenge: delivering world-class service in a booming market 

With soaring demand, disrupted supply chains, and an ever-growing number of customer queries, many e-mobility companies struggle to keep up. 

With over 130,000 Bizbike eBikes on the road, Bizbike was looking for a way to keep customers satisfied with high-quality support. 

Like many e-mobility companies, they turned to AI to help them provide instant, helpful answers to customer queries. 

Solution: always-on, cost-effective customer support at scale 

Bizbike teamed up with Sinch and implemented a chatbot on their website to automate answers to simple queries and frequently asked questions.  

Bizbike’s chatbot Sara now handles 30% of all customer FAQs, without compromising on the human touch. 

“We've now integrated multiple automated pathways into Sara so that customers are automatically guided to the right destination based on text instructions, and it works wonders: Some customers even forget that they're communicating with a chatbot and thank Sara before ending the conversation,” Louis Vanhove, CEO and co-founder of Bizbike explained. 

And, of course, customers can also switch to human assistance at any time. 

The company’s customer satisfaction metrics now speak volumes about the positive impact of AI on customer experience. 

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Results: instant problem resolution and happy customers 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction have always been central to Bizbike’s growth strategy. With Sinch’s conversational AI solution, the company’s NPS score increased by 4 points, and 62% of Bizbike’s customers are now active promoters. Bizbike was even nominated for the very first Customer-Centered Organization Award in Belgium, which celebrates organizations that put their customers first. 

But the positive impact of conversational AI reached far beyond customer satisfaction. The chatbot also saves the company over 40+ hours per month and helps it get the most out of its customer service team. Support agents can now focus on complex, value-adding queries that require human assistance and help increase revenue. 

Since using chatbots from Chatlayer, we’ve seen an increase in NPS, and 30% of all our interventions are now booked through the chatbot.
Louis Vanhove
CEO/Co-Founder, Bizbike