Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP

What is VoIP?

It’s fun to say – but what is VoIP, really? 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and basically, it's any call that takes place over the internet or a data connection (versus a landline or mobile telephone network). The call audio is converted into digital signals sent as data. VoIP can also be called IP telephony.  


The benefits of VoIP  

So, what’s the big deal about. VoIP? Well, sending a call via digital signals rather than analogue has a whole host of benefits. For one, it’s a lot cheaper! VoIP doesn't need physical (analogue) phone lines, and it's a great, affordable way of managing an unlimited number of calls. VoIP makes it a lot easier to call friends and family around the globe at low or no cost, rather than dealing with the old-fashioned charges of calling long-distance on analogue.  

VoIP is what enables app-to-app calling. Have you ever called someone using WhatsApp, Messenger, or FaceTime? Say thanks to VoIP! 


How Sinch works with VoIP 

Have you heard of the Sinch Voice API? If not, you and your customers are missing out! 

Our hassle-free quality voice APIs let you connect to your customers anywhere around the world. VoIP, sure, but not only...we also have PSTN, SIP, app-to-app calling, and more. Naturally, we always offer top quality! 

Sinch offers both voice and in-app voice calling with: 

  • Conferencing for up to 100 people 

  • Call recording 

  • IVR menus 

  • Text-to-speech 

  • Recorded prompts 

  • Cross-platform support 

  • SIP integration

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