Real Time Communication - RTC

Real-Time Communication - RTC

Real-Time Communication (RTC) is live, instant communication in, well, real-time. That is, it happens in the very moment of need without any fuss or drama. 

How does it work, you ask? It’s a collection of APIs and protocols that allow secure P2P audio, video, and data sharing between a web browser and a device (like a mobile phone, for example). More than that, though, RTC allows businesses to connect with customers on any platform – web, app, mobile, or landline. 


The importance of Real-Time Communication - RTC 

RTC is particularly important when it comes to voice and video applications. Low latency is essential for live communications. No one wants a phone call with a delay or a video conference that lags – it just makes for a poor customer experience, especially if you’re talking to your bank or healthcare provider about sensitive topics where clarity is critical. 

RTC has the power to improve the customer experience and help build long-lasting relationships that convert. 


How is Sinch involved with Real-Time Communication - RTC 

We like to make life as simple as possible at Sinch. Through our RTC voice and video products and Voice API and verification solutions, we bring the power of crystal clear, low latency communications to life in ways that really make a difference.

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