Call Detail Record - CDR

What is a CDR?

A Call Detail Record (CDR) is a data record that documents the details of a telecommunication exchange (e.g. a call or a text message). It includes information such as call duration and completion, date and time of the call, cost, source and destination number, location of the cell towers, type of device used, and more. 


How are businesses using CDRs? 

CDRs can serve many use cases, including accounting and billing, network monitoring, traffic analysis, fraud detection, customer care, sales forecasting, capacity planning, and more. 


How can I get access to CDRs with Sinch?  

CDRs can be downloaded from the Sinch developer portal. The files are generated once every day and contain CDRs from the previous days. A day spans from 00:00:00 UTC to 23:59:59 UTC.  

CDRs are usually written when the call is ended, though in some cases an app-app call CDR may be delayed, for example if there’s a network failure before the call is ended. 

Upon request, CDR files can also be uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket provided by your company. 

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