Real Time Protocol - RTP

Real Time Protocol - RTP

Real-Time Protocol (RTP) is a network protocol for delivering audio and video content over IP networks. 


The importance of Real-Time Protocol - RTP 

Without RTP in the communication flow, calls would not work so, it’s pretty important! 

RTP defines how media can be transmitted, specifically time-critical media. You know, when you’re on a voice or video call with someone, and you want to hear what they’re saying when they’re actually saying it, not seconds later - RTP helps make that work. 


How is Sinch involved with Real-Time Protocol - RTP 

At Sinch, we use Real-Time Protocol on our voice and in-app products – our in-app solution relies on WebRTC technology, which always uses sRTP. The ‘s’ stands for secure media transmission; it’s an extra layer, so you know you can trust the calls are encrypted. 

Our phone calling or SIP can also be used with RTP or sRTP depending on the provider’s capability; we support both.

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