What is a Network Operations Center (NOC)?

A NOC acts as the central command for a telecommunications network. IT administrators, technicians, engineers, and analysts assess and manage the network, helping businesses gain visibility into network performance. A NOC helps resolve issues early on before they cause significant disruptions. 

A successful network operations center must have experienced staff with significant skills in networking monitoring. Some should even have advanced certifications in the field. 

Building up your own team of NOC staff can be difficult and expensive. This is why many businesses outsource data center responsibilities to third parties who specialize in NOC architecture. 

Why should you care about NOCs? 

As organizations expand their operations globally, business networks have become increasingly complex. From multiple offices to the rise of working from home, networks must support more remote devices, users, and traffic than ever before. 

This growth has led to network performance problems for unprepared businesses. A larger network is more difficult to manage and monitor, and any issues like malware and insufficient bandwidth can cause significant downtime. 

Estimates pinpoint the average cost of network downtime to be $5,600 a minute, not to mention the indirect costs like losing the trust of your clients and business partners. 

What are the benefits of NOCs? 

A NOC is designed to ensure network performance and stability. It accomplishes this by: 

  • Scanning the network for problems requiring attention 
  • Working with devices and servers by handling software installations, updates, and troubleshooting 
  • Performing cybersecurity threat analyses and install firewalls and antivirus programs 
  • Manage data, storage, and backups 
  • Handling incident response and disaster recovery procedures 
  • Enforcing policies, service-level agreements, and contract management 
  • Soliciting feedback from users to improve the network. 

NOCs achieve these goals by managing network infrastructure and equipment, including wireless systems, databases, IoT devices, servers, and various other network devices. 

​​​How does Sinch work with a NOC? 

The effectiveness of a NOC lies in its staff, their roles, and the policies they follow. NOC teams must have proper training in monitoring networks and resolving IT issues. After all, robust training will ensure network managers know how to respond to certain events and incidents.  

Our tier 1 network is backed by a team of experienced technical, security, and telecom experts to ensure our partners are supported no matter their needs. Our team provides technical support to customers 24x7x365 via online chat, email, or phone, maintaining a 95% customer satisfaction score.