Firm Order Commitment

What is a firm order commitment?

A firm order commitment (FOC) is the date a telecommunications service provider will release a subscriber’s phone number for porting to another carrier’s network. 

Users who exercise their right to number portability will issue an FOC to complete the porting procedure. Termination of the phone number from the original carrier must occur at least 72 hours before the stated date. 

Why should you care about Firm Order Commitment? 

A firm order commitment is a common aspect of the telecom industry and even applies to the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) market when using the same phone number with a different VoIP service provider.  

Remember, number portability is always an option by law. The LEC who provides telecommunications services to both commercial and residential customers within a local area must allow for number portability and offer technical support for it. This requirement from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ensures nobody is “stuck” with the same service provider and can take advantage of market competition at any time. 

The new telecom company (or “winning carrier”) sends a service order to the old one (the “losing carrier”). The subscriber will then receive an FOC from their current service provider which ensures their telephone numbers will be available for the new service provider at a specified date. The two carriers will communicate to ensure a smooth transition of service with minimal (if any) interruptions. 

You may receive status updates regarding your number portability procedure. For instance: 

  1. Pending means your request to switch carriers is awaiting processing. 

  1. Submitted means your new carrier is undergoing preparations and has notified your current carrier. 

  1. Exemption occurs when your current service provider has rejected the FOC for whatever reason. 

What are the benefits of a Firm Order Commitment? 

A Firm Order Commitment (FOC) can enhance your business' telecom experience by providing a crucial date set by your service provider for the seamless transfer of your phone number to another carrier's network. A FOC will keep you informed about your number portability process, from pending requests to submitted preparations, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal interruptions. It also lets you exercise your right to choose and switch carriers effortlessly, backed by FCC regulations promoting market competition and customer flexibility.    How does Sinch work with a Firm Order Commitment? 

Sinch’s voice services not only provides you with seamless, high-quality calling, but supports firm order commitments as well. Simply let your Sinch representative know about any specific deadlines you have to ensure your service is up and running according to your timeline.