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Fax documents securely and reliably via our powerful API.

Integrate it into your workflow to confidently share medical records, legal documents, real estate contracts, and much more!

Reliability is key — and we get it

Fax reliability is critical in today’s information-driven businesses. Our fax API is designed to deliver every single fax reliably — no matter your industry, business type, size, or volume.

Your fax messages will be carried over our redundant network infrastructure, giving you trustworthy and total coverage in the U.S.

Sinch Fax API
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Scale up your faxing with ease

Our infrastructure is designed for high volumes and automatically scales to handle nearly infinite call paths. We have a number inventory of millions of local or toll-free numbers you can choose from — or you can also bring your own!

From constant stream of transmissions to sudden bursts, we can help you manage your daily faxing needs efficiently and securely and scale as day-to-day demands increase.

In other words, you're in good hands with Sinch!

Let's help you get started!

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