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Verification is more critical than ever

Fraud and security
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Be it due to lockdown, staying at home, or social distancing, human interaction has been redefined and reimagined - at least for now.

This has been evident in many facets of life, including health care.

Virtual health care interactions are on pace to top 1 billion by year’s end.

In the height of the pandemic, March telehealth visits surged 50%, according to research from Frost and Sullivan.

Based on a survey by Sage Growth Partner (SGP) and Black Book Market Research, 25% of consumer respondents had used telehealth before COVID-19. Now, 59% percent reported they are more likely to use telehealth services than previously. And 33% said they would even leave their current physician for a provider who offered telehealth access.

As CNBC reported, health insurers and hospitals have made a strong push for patients with milder symptoms to use their telehealth platforms during the crisis, to help alleviate the strain on emergency rooms and doctors’ offices.

Other industries, including banking, have also seen major increases in digital interactions.

Common is the need for businesses to provide secure services, keyed by robust verification.

Here’s a primer to the various solutions offered by Sinch:

SMS Verification

This option allows for secure login and sign-up, leading to reduced churn and boosted revenue – all through the power of a text.

A plus is that you can get going in minutes by integrating with Sinch’s REST API on its backend, or SDK on the client end.

Sinch ensures carrier compliance with optimal routing and global scalability, so you can be sure every SMS is delivered, every time.

See how Sinch SMS Verification works here.

Flash Call Multi-Factor Verification

This is a faster, more cost-efficient alternative to traditional SMS verification.

With Sinch Flash Call, numbers can be verified using Android flash call verification, either without any user interaction or via a web application verification with minimal user interaction.

Flash Call is by far the fastest verification method, yet it doesn’t have to be costly.

With Flash Call Verification (using SMS as a fallback), you can save up to 70% on OTP costs compared to traditional SMS. See how Sinch Flash Call Verification works here.

Phone Call Verification

With this solution, businesses can deliver One-Time Passcodes via voice text-to-speech, making sure that numbers can still be verified regardless of accessibility or fixed-line issues.

With Sinch, you can change your voice prompt depending on where in the world you’re sending to, making sure you always hit the mark when it comes to local customs and language.

See how Sinch Phone Call Verification works here.

In conclusion, verification has always been necessary – but now more so than ever. The pandemic has made it mandatory to verify users, fight fraud, and to build trust while achieving an optimal conversion rate.